Upgraded Review 2024

Upgraded Review

In the world of romantic comedies, it’s not uncommon to find formulaic plots and predictable storylines. However, every now and then, a film comes along that manages to rise above the rest. “Upgraded,” starring Camila Mendes, is one such film that defies expectations and delivers a refreshing take on the genre.

In this review, we’ll explore why Mendes shines in this uneven romcom and how the film manages to charm its audience.

Breaking Free from High School Roles

As a fan of Camila Mendes, it’s hard not to be excited about her role in “Upgraded.” After years of playing the bitchy yet secretly vulnerable teen queen in “Riverdale,” Mendes finally gets the opportunity to showcase her talent outside of high school settings. At 29 years old, she proves that she can hold her own as a leading lady in a romantic comedy.

A Meet-Cute with a Twist

Directed by Carlson Young, “Upgraded” tells the story of Ana, a scrappy third-tier assistant with a master’s degree in art history. She finds herself in over her head when she gets the chance to assist her boss, Claire, played by Marisa Tomei, on a major auction deal.

Along the way, Ana charms everyone she meets, including Will Delaroche, played by Archie Renaux, the son of a bohemian-chic heiress. The film adds a refreshing twist to the meet-cute trope, making it a delightful watch.

Navigating Tonal Swings

One of the standout aspects of “Upgraded” is its ability to navigate tonal swings. The film seamlessly transitions from campy moments to naturalistic fantasy romance, creating a unique viewing experience.

While some tonal shifts may feel clunky at times, they contribute to the overall charm of the story. It’s a delicate balance that the film manages to maintain, adding depth to the characters and their relationships.

A Parody of the Art World

In “Upgraded,” the art world takes center stage, offering a satirical take on the industry. Ana’s boss, Claire, is reminiscent of Miranda Priestly from “The Devil Wears Prada,” with her impeccable fashion sense and demanding demeanor.

The film pokes fun at the pretentiousness of the art world, highlighting the absurdity and excess that often accompany it. It’s a refreshing departure from traditional romcom settings and adds a layer of social commentary.

The Chemistry of the Cast

The success of any romcom hinges on the chemistry between the lead actors, and “Upgraded” doesn’t disappoint in this regard. Camila Mendes and Archie Renaux have undeniable chemistry, bringing their characters’ flirtation to life.

Mendes convincingly portrays the perpetually bullied third assistant, while Renaux embodies the charming and charismatic Will. Their performances elevate the film and make the romantic moments feel genuine and heartfelt.

Escapist Fare with a Touch of Realism

Clocking in at 104 minutes, “Upgraded” strikes a balance between being an escapist, smooth-brained romcom and incorporating elements of realism. While the film indulges in some lazy plot devices and occasional choppiness in direction, it still manages to captivate the audience. Mendes and Renaux’s performances, combined with the time-tested romcom formula, make it an enjoyable watch.

A Memorable Role for Camila Mendes

“Upgraded” may not be a groundbreaking romantic comedy, but it does offer Camila Mendes a chance to shine. As she navigates her career beyond high school roles, Mendes proves she has the talent and charisma to carry a film. Her portrayal of Ana, the ambitious twentysomething trying to make her mark in the art world, is relatable and endearing. It’s a role that showcases Mendes’ growth as an actress and leaves audiences wanting to see more of her in leading adult roles.

Fina Words!

“Upgraded” may have its flaws, but it’s a romcom that manages to entertain and charm its audience. Camila Mendes rises above the unevenness of the film, delivering a standout performance that showcases her versatility as an actress. With its unique take on the art world and a refreshing meet-cute, “Upgraded” is a delightful addition to the romantic comedy genre.


1. Is “Upgraded” available on any streaming platforms?
Yes, “Upgraded” is now available on Amazon Prime for streaming.

2. Does “Upgraded” offer a fresh take on the romantic comedy genre?
Yes, “Upgraded” brings a unique twist to the romcom formula, with its satirical portrayal of the art world and refreshing meet-cute.

3. How does Camila Mendes fare in her role in “Upgraded”?
Camila Mendes shines in her role as Ana,# Upgraded Review – Camila Mendes Rises Above Uneven Romcom