Somewhere Quiet Review

Somewhere Quiet Review

Welcome to our review of “Somewhere Quiet,” a disquieting and intense psychological horror film that will leave you questioning what is real. In this review, we’ll delve into the captivating performances, the thought-provoking themes, and the overall impact of this slow-burn, character-driven thriller. Join us as we explore the haunting world of “Somewhere Quiet.”

Exploring the Aftermath of Survival

Written and directed by Olivia West Lloyd, “Somewhere Quiet” takes a unique approach to storytelling. It delves into the aftermath of a Final Girl’s survival, examining the profound impact that a traumatic event can have on a person.

The film raises important questions: Can someone truly go back to a normal life after experiencing something horrific? How does that experience shape them and affect their relationships with others?

A Slow-Burn Thriller That Blurs the Lines

“Bolstered by a moving performance by Jennifer Kim, the film is a slow-burn, character-driven thriller that brings us to question what is real and what is imagined.”

The story follows Meg (played by Jennifer Kim), who is brought to her husband Scott’s family home to recover after escaping a kidnapping. However, as Meg tries to unwind and come to terms with her ordeal, she becomes increasingly paranoid, especially after meeting Scott’s dismissive and eerily close cousin.

Unreliable Narrators and Intense Paranoia

“Somewhere Quiet” starts at the end, showcasing Meg’s escape early on. This puts her in survival mode, and we, as viewers, are thrown into her world.

Lloyd skillfully positions Meg as an unreliable narrator, blurring the lines between reality and imagination. We are constantly left wondering what is real and what isn’t, which adds to the film’s intensity and keeps us on the edge of our seats.

Settling Back into Normal Life

As the film progresses, we witness Meg’s struggle to settle back into normal life after such a traumatic experience. The lack of trust she feels permeates every aspect of her life, making it difficult for her to trust even those who mean well. Lloyd expertly crafts an emotional throughline that is both engrossing and thrilling.

Meg’s desire to leave her place of solitude, coupled with the strain on her marriage, creates a powerful narrative that keeps us invested.

Captivating Performances

Jennifer Kim delivers a moving and nuanced performance as Meg. Her portrayal of a character teetering on the edge of fear and discontent is nothing short of remarkable.

Kim’s contemplative moments are juxtaposed with moments of sheer panic, and her eyes convey the weight of all the scenarios playing out in her head. It’s a slow-burn performance that builds in intensity with each scene.

Marin Ireland, who plays Meg’s antagonist, brings a sense of unhinged energy to the film. While her character may be unlikable, Ireland’s performance is captivating. She pushes and prods Meg, setting off internal alarms and adding to the overall uneasiness of the film. The scenes between Kim and Ireland are some of the film’s best.

Themes of Microaggressions and Disconcertment

Aside from exploring the aftermath of a kidnapping, “Somewhere Quiet” also delves into the microaggressions that Meg has to endure. These experiences only amplify her sense of disconcertment and not belonging. It’s a jarring aspect of the film that settles uncomfortably, but it adds depth to the overall narrative and leaves us deeply concerned for Meg’s well-being.

An Engaging and Thrilling Ride

“Somewhere Quiet” premiered at the 2023 Tribeca Film Festival and has a runtime of 98 minutes. While the film is yet to be rated, we give it a rating of 3.5 out of 5 stars, signifying its quality as a very good film.

The exploration of Meg’s mental state, the gripping performances, and the disquieting atmosphere make “Somewhere Quiet” a must-watch for fans of psychological horror.


  1. What is “Somewhere Quiet” about?
    “Somewhere Quiet” is a psychological horror film that explores the aftermath of a Final Girl’s survival. It delves into the profound impact of a traumatic event on the survivor and raises questions about normalcy and relationships.
  2. Who are the main actors in “Somewhere Quiet”?
    Jennifer Kim plays the protagonist, Meg, while Marin Ireland portrays her antagonist. Both actors deliver captivating and intense performances.
  3. What sets “Somewhere Quiet” apart from other psychological horror films?
    The film’s unique approach to storytelling, its exploration of microaggressions, and its use of unreliable narration make “Somewhere Quiet” a standout in the genre. It keeps viewers on the edge of their seats, questioning what is real and what is imagined.