Ricky Stanicky: Movie Review

Welcome, movie enthusiasts! Today, we dive into the world of comedy with our review of “Ricky Stanicky,” a film directed by Peter Farrelly.

In this review post, we’ll discuss the plot, the performances, and our overall thoughts on this comedy flick. So, grab some popcorn, sit back, and let’s get started!

A Throwback to the Past

Before we were introduced to Judd Apatow’s comedy empire, Peter Farrelly was making waves with his hilarious movies like “Dumb and Dumber” and “There’s Something About Mary.” However, with “Ricky Stanicky,” it seems like Farrelly is trying to recapture the magic of his earlier works without much success.

A Lackluster Storyline

“Ricky Stanicky” revolves around three childhood friends, Dean (Zac Efron), JT (Andrew Santino), and Wes (Jermaine Fowler), who create an imaginary scapegoat named Ricky to blame for their misadventures. As adults, they continue to use Ricky as an excuse to escape their responsibilities and indulge in fun activities. However, when their loved ones demand to meet the infamous Ricky Stanicky, the trio hires an actor named Rod (John Cena) to play the role. Hilarity (or lack thereof) ensues.

A Comedy That Falls Flat

Unfortunately, “Ricky Stanicky” fails to deliver on its comedic potential. The film feels like a rehash of tired jokes and worn-out gags, lacking innovation and cleverness. With a writing credit shared among multiple writers, it’s challenging to pinpoint exactly what went wrong. The humor often veers into juvenile territory, relying on bottom-shelf masturbation punchlines and cringe-worthy moments.

The Saving Grace: Performances

Despite the lackluster script, Zac Efron and John Cena manage to salvage some moments with their performances. Efron brings depth to his character, Dean, and shines in emotional scenes. Cena, on the other hand, embraces the absurdity of his role as Rod and delivers ridiculous lines with a straight face. Their commitment to their characters is commendable, but unfortunately, it’s not enough to save the film.

Limitations and Repetition

While there are occasional moments of silliness that elicit a chuckle, the film’s limitations prevent any significant enjoyment. The jokes are often repeated to the point of losing their impact, and some scenes kill the mood entirely. It becomes clear that “Ricky Stanicky” is a mixed bag at best, reminding us that some childhood games are better left in the past.


In conclusion, “Ricky Stanicky” fails to capture the comedic magic of Peter Farrelly’s earlier works. The film’s tired jokes, lackluster storyline, and repetitive humor make it a forgettable experience. Despite the efforts of Zac Efron and John Cena, the film falls flat in delivering genuine laughs. If you’re looking for a comedy that will leave you in stitches, “Ricky Stanicky” might not be the right choice for you.


  1. Is “Ricky Stanicky” a good comedy?
    Unfortunately, “Ricky Stanicky” falls short in delivering genuine laughs. The film’s tired jokes and lackluster storyline make it a forgettable comedy experience.
  2. Who are the main actors in “Ricky Stanicky”?
    The film stars Zac Efron as Dean, John Cena as Rod/Ricky Stanicky, Andrew Santino as JT, and Jermaine Fowler as Wes.
  3. Are there any standout performances in “Ricky Stanicky”?
    Despite the film’s shortcomings, Zac Efron and John Cena deliver commendable performances. Efron brings depth to his character, while Cena embraces the absurdity of his role and delivers ridiculous lines with a straight face.