Midsomer Murders review

Midsomer Murders Review

In these challenging times, finding a form of entertainment that offers both comfort and distraction is essential. One such gem that has captured the hearts of many viewers during the lockdown is the long-running TV crime drama, Midsomer Murders.

With its picturesque locations, intriguing murder mysteries, and a touch of familiarity, this show has become a delightful escape for audiences worldwide. Join us as we explore why Midsomer Murders has become a lockdown favorite and why it continues to captivate audiences with its creative murder methods and cozy atmosphere.

The Allure of Midsomer Murders

A Welcome Escape

Like many others, I have turned to binge-watching crime dramas as a coping mechanism throughout the past year. However, after my fair share of heart-pounding suspense and convoluted plotlines, I stumbled upon Midsomer Murders, and it instantly became my go-to lockdown watch.

It turns out I’m not alone in this sentiment, as the show experienced a 39% increase in viewership last year, with the most significant spike occurring during the first lockdown, attracting a staggering 2.4 million viewers.

Set in a Chocolate-Box County

Midsomer Murders takes place in the fictional, idyllic county of Midsomer, where each episode presents a murder or four for DCI Barnaby and his detective sergeant to solve. The show’s charm lies in its ability to transport viewers to a picturesque setting, reminiscent of a chocolate-box village.

Even if you live in a bustling city or a small flat, Midsomer gives you the chance to escape to a different world, filled with thatched cottages, serene ponds, and rolling green fields. It’s a visual delight that allows us to momentarily forget the confines of our own surroundings.

Familiar Faces and Continuity

One of the remarkable aspects of Midsomer Murders is its commitment to continuity. With its 22nd series currently airing, the show has managed to maintain a sense of familiarity despite changes in the cast. When John Nettles, who portrayed DCI Tom Barnaby, stepped down, his on-screen cousin, John Barnaby, played by Neil Dudgeon, seamlessly took over the investigative duties.

This continuity ensures that viewers can immerse themselves in the world of Midsomer without the jarring experience of adjusting to new characters.

Creative Murder Methods and Unpredictable Plots

A Murderous Pattern

Midsomer Murders follows a distinctive pattern in its plotlines. Each episode typically features at least one murder early on, followed by a series of untimely demises. It keeps us guessing as to who the killer might be and provides an element of surprise throughout the investigation.

The show cleverly plays with our expectations, often making the person who initially appears suspicious innocent while revealing the guilt of someone seemingly innocuous. It’s a thrilling rollercoaster ride that keeps us on the edge of our seats.

Unconventional Murder Methods

If you think Midsomer Murders is all about typical crime drama fare, think again. Over the course of its 21 series and 126 episodes, the show’s writers have come up with inventive and unconventional murder methods that will leave you astounded.

From drowning in a bowl of hard-boiled eggs to being smeared with truffle oil to attract wild boars for a fatal mauling, Midsomer Murders never fails to surprise and entertain. And let’s not forget the memorable deaths caused by tanks, newspapers, and even a giant wheel of cheese. It’s this burst of creativity that sets the show apart from others in the genre.

The Cosy Appeal of Midsomer Murders

Murder as Entertainment

Midsomer Murders strikes the perfect balance between crime and comfort. The show’s executive producer, Michele Buck, acknowledges that the British public is fascinated by murder, but she emphasizes that the series presents it in an entertaining and larger-than-life manner.

In these uncertain times, Midsomer Murders offers a sense of safety and escapism. While the crimes may be gruesome, the show’s execution allows us to enjoy the drama without feeling threatened or paranoid about our own safety. It’s a welcomed respite from the harsh realities of the world.

Stars in the Making

One of the joys of watching Midsomer Murders is spotting familiar faces before they became household names. The show has been a stepping stone for many talented actors who went on to achieve great success. From Henry Cavill to Orlando Bloom, Emily Mortimer to Olivia Colman, Hugh Bonneville to Peter Capaldi, Midsomer Murders has featured a plethora of future stars. It’s a delight for fans to recognize these actors in their earlier roles and witness their talent before they rose to fame.

Endless Possibilities

Despite being on its 22nd series, Midsomer Murders shows no signs of slowing down{finish}

Final Thoughts:

Midsomer Murders has proven to be a lockdown delight for viewers worldwide. Its combination of stunning locations, creative murder methods, and cozy atmosphere has captured the hearts of many.

The show’s ability to transport us to the idyllic county of Midsomer provides a much-needed escape from the challenges of our own lives. With a pattern of unpredictable plot twists and a roster of talented actors, Midsomer Murders continues to entertain and captivate audiences, offering a comforting and thrilling experience in equal measure.


1. Is Midsomer Murders suitable for all ages?
Midsomer Murders is generally deemed suitable for a mature audience due to its murder-centric plotlines and occasional scenes of violence. However, it does not feature explicit or graphic content, making it accessible to older teenagers and adults who enjoy crime dramas.

2. Can I watch Midsomer Murders without starting from the first episode?
Yes, Midsomer Murders follows a standalone episode format, meaning you can watch episodes out of order without missing crucial plot details. Each episode presents a new murder mystery, allowing viewers to jump in at any point and still enjoy the show.

3. Is Midsomer Murders based on a book series?
No, Midsomer Murders is not directly based on a book series. The show was created by Caroline Graham, who wrote the original novels that inspired the TV adaptation. However, the TV series has deviated from the source material and developed its own unique storylines.