‘Mean Girls’ Movie Review

‘Mean Girls’ Movie Review

Welcome to our scathing review of the movie ‘Mean Girls’. In this article, we will delve into why this movie is considered the worst film of 2024.

From the preposterous plot to the tasteless execution, we will explore the various aspects that make this movie a colossal disappointment. So buckle up and prepare for a rollercoaster ride of cringe-worthy moments and missed opportunities.

Vapid, Tasteless, and Monumentally Stupid

When it comes to ‘Mean Girls’, there are no mincing words. This movie is vapid, tasteless, and monumentally stupid. It is a testament to bad taste and a clear indication that Tina Fey is willing to sacrifice her talent for financial gain.

The movie feels like a mishmash of Barbie, Gidget, and Godzilla, all rolled into one. And just like a cinematic Covid, it keeps coming back, refusing to die.

A Mindless Rehash

If you’ve seen any of the previous incarnations of ‘Mean Girls’, you already know what to expect from this movie. It offers nothing new or innovative. Instead, it relies on vulgarity, screeching, and boring pop-rock tunes about sex and angst.

The characters are one-dimensional, the costumes are hideous, and the overall experience is mindless. As we enter 2024, it’s hard to imagine anything worse than ‘Mean Girls’.

A Girl Named Cady

The plot of ‘Mean Girls’ revolves around a girl named Cady, who is uprooted from her home in Kenya and transferred to a public school in the suburbs of Chicago.

As a newcomer, she encounters the hateful and backstabbing rituals of American high-school life. The school’s popularity poll is dominated by a group of mean girls called The Plastics, who greet Cady with cruelty and rejection.

Uninspired Characters

To counteract the cruelty of The Plastics, Cady befriends two school outcasts: Damian and Janis. Damian provides comic relief, albeit in a clichéd and limp-wristed way, while Janis adds a goth element to the mix.

However, the characters lack depth and fail to engage the audience. The humor falls flat, and the performances are forgettable.

Lackluster Production Numbers

In an attempt to inject some entertainment value, ‘Mean Girls’ includes a Halloween party and a talent show. However, these scenes feel contrived and uninspired. The choreography is lackluster, and the performances fail to impress. The musical numbers that were supposed to be highlights of the show are forgettable and lack the energy and excitement they should have brought.

Forgettable Songs

The songs in ‘Mean Girls’ are a forgettable blend of pop-rock tunes that fail to leave a lasting impact. The songwriting team behind the music, Nell Benjamin and Jeff Richmond, deliver an abysmal score that adds nothing to the film. The lyrics are generic, and the melodies lack originality. It’s a shame that a movie centered around teenage life fails to capture the essence of youth through its music.

A Departure from Fey’s Usual Cleverness

One of the most disappointing aspects of ‘Mean Girls’ is that it is written by Tina Fey herself. Fey is known for her sharp wit and clever writing, but this movie is a departure from her usual brilliance. It feels like a cash grab rather than a genuine creative endeavor. Fey’s name on the project only serves to highlight the missed opportunities and lackluster execution.

A Cautionary Tale Gone Wrong

If ‘Mean Girls’ is about anything, it’s the assumption that nice girls with morals and intelligence can only become popular when they turn into mean girls with low IQs. This message is not only regressive but also undermines the progress made by real teenage girls in today’s society. It is disheartening to see Fey, a talented writer and actress, attached to a project that fails to deliver any meaningful message or entertainment value.


In conclusion, ‘Mean Girls’ is a colossal disappointment and the worst film of 2024. From its tasteless execution to its preposterous plot, the movie fails to deliver on every front. Tina Fey’s involvement only adds to the disappointment, as it is a departure from her usual cleverness.

This movie serves as a cautionary tale of how even talented individuals can produce a film that is vapid, tasteless, and monumentally stupid. Let’s hope that future endeavors will redeem Fey’s reputation and deliver the quality entertainment we know she is capable of.


1. Is ‘Mean Girls’ a sequel or a remake?

No, ‘Mean Girls’ is neither a sequel nor a remake. It is an updated version ofthe original 2004 film and the 2018 Broadway stage musical. However, it fails to bring anything new or innovative to the table.

2. Are there any redeeming qualities in ‘Mean Girls’?

Unfortunately, ‘Mean Girls’ lacks any redeeming qualities. The characters are one-dimensional, the plot is preposterous, and the production numbers fall flat. It is a disappointment from start to finish.

3. Does the movie have any positive messages?

While ‘Mean Girls’ attempts to convey a message about the perils of high school cliques, it ultimately falls short. The movie’s portrayal of mean girls as the key to popularity undermines the progress made by real teenage girls in today’s society. It fails to deliver any meaningful message and ends up being regressive rather than empowering.