Masters of the Universe: Revolution Review – A Nostalgic Journey with Some Shortcomings

Masters of the Universe: Revolution Review

Are you ready to embark on a nostalgic journey back to the colorful world of Eternia? Masters of the Universe: Revolution, the latest installment in the He-Man franchise, has arrived on Netflix, promising to reignite the magic that captured our hearts in the ’80s. But does it live up to the legacy of its predecessor? Let’s dive into our comprehensive review and find out!

A Blast from the Past

When Kevin Smith was entrusted with reviving He-Man and the Masters of the Universe, the intention wasn’t to modernize the franchise entirely. Instead, Masters of the Universe: Revolution serves as a continuation of He-Man’s original adventures, tailor-made for adult fans who grew up watching the beloved animated series.

However, the show faced significant backlash when it seemingly killed off its main character in the first episode, leaving fans feeling betrayed.

Rectifying Past Mistakes

In response to the fan outcry, Masters of the Universe: Revolution emerges as a surprising sequel, aiming to address some of the complaints from the previous reboot, Masters of the Universe: Revelation. This confusingly named follow-up brings back the iconic clash between He-Man and Skeletor, with the latter receiving a technological upgrade and a renewed focus on ruling Eternia.

Meanwhile, our hero finds himself struggling to come to terms with his own destiny. While the plot may not be overly complex, Revolution succeeds in reuniting the beloved characters to face a common threat.

Visually Stunning Animation

One of the standout aspects of Masters of the Universe: Revolution is its visually stunning animation. The art style seamlessly blends the charm of the original hand-drawn work with modern techniques, creating a feast for the eyes. Characters and backgrounds are beautifully rendered, bursting with vibrant colors that evoke a sense of nostalgia.

The show also incorporates CGI to enhance high-fantasy and sci-fi elements, showcasing He-Man’s power-ups, magical moments, and the deployment of awe-inspiring nanobots. The animation team’s decision to retain some of the janky movements and charmingly imperfect poses from ’80s TV animation adds a delightful touch of authenticity to the overall aesthetic.

Action: Hit or Miss?

While Masters of the Universe: Revolution delivers some exhilarating action sequences that will make you clench your fists and cheer, it also falls short in certain areas. The pacing can be uneven, with some moments feeling sluggish and failing to convey the urgency of the situation. Additionally, while some imagery is breathtaking, especially during power-up sequences, other scenes can appear cluttered and messy.

However, Revolution manages to maintain its cool factor, appealing to the ’80s kid within us. The show’s depiction of characters receiving new magical abilities, altering their costumes, or witnessing upgrades to He-Man’s iconic sword captures the over-the-top essence of the Masters of the Universe universe. Though not without flaws, the action sequences strike a balance between what works and what feels overly familiar.

Heartfelt Writing with Cheesy Quips

Revolution’s writing is a mixed bag, filled with cheesy quips and heavy-handed exposition. He-Man’s clunky one-liners may induce nostalgia, but they can also test your patience. However, the writers’ deep respect for the source material shines through, as they successfully infuse the show with genuine emotion and heartfelt moments.

The characters are not mere fighting machines; they have relatable motivations and emotions that add depth to the narrative. While some character arcs land better than others, Revolution manages to avoid feeling like a soulless rehash, thanks to the writers’ dedication to preserving the heart of the original series.

Short and Sweet

One of the primary challenges faced by Masters of the Universe: Revolution is the current landscape of television, characterized by shortened episode orders and binge-watching culture. With only five 30-minute episodes, the show struggles to recreate the nostalgic feeling of the original ’80s cartoon, which spanned 130 episodes over two years.

While Revolution serves as a comforting embrace of the familiar, it lacks the time to fully immerse viewers in its warm embrace. Doubling the episode count would have gone a long way in capturing the spirit of those long-ago after-school broadcasts.

Verdict: A Nostalgic Treat

In conclusion, Masters of the Universe: Revolution is a visually impressive show that caters to long-time fans seeking a trip down memory lane. It successfully captures the essence of the original cartoon, despite some lackluster action sequences and its short length.

While it may not win over new fans, Revolution serves as a decent homage to what made the franchise great. So, grab your power sword andharness the power of Grayskull once again as you journey alongside He-Man and the Masters of the Universe in this action-packed revival.


1. Can I watch Masters of the Universe: Revolution without having seen the previous reboot, Masters of the Universe: Revelation?

Absolutely! While having knowledge of the previous reboot adds some context, Masters of the Universe: Revolution is designed as a standalone continuation of the original animated series. You can jump right into the action and enjoy the show without any prior knowledge.

2. Is Masters of the Universe: Revolution suitable for kids, or is it strictly for adult fans?

Masters of the Universe: Revolution is primarily geared towards adult fans who grew up watching the original series. However, it is still suitable for older children and teenagers, as it maintains the spirit of adventure and heroism that made He-Man a beloved character. Parents may want to exercise caution due to some intense action sequences.

3. Will there be more episodes of Masters of the Universe: Revolution in the future?

As of now, there has been no official announcement regarding future episodes of Masters of the Universe: Revolution. However, given the enduring popularity of the franchise and the positive response from fans, it’s possible that we may see more adventures from Eternia in the future. Stay tuned for updates!