15 Life-Changing Lessons from Dan Lok ( Quotes by Dan Lok )

Dan Lok

Dan Lok is a well-known public speaker, international best-selling author, mentor, serial entrepreneur, and influencer. He introduced the concept of high-ticket closing and high-income skills.

After being failed in 13 businesses, Dan Lok tastes the first success and then became the Guru of internet marketing. More about Dan Lok’s Life’s story, books, Programs, and events can be found here on danlok.com.

In this post, I Am going to share a list of 15 life-changing lessons from the Dan Lok YouTube channel, which has 4+ million subscribers. These lessons and quotes from Dan Lok will change your mindset and perspective about business and life. These tips will help you in a core understanding of his success and growth.

15 Life-Changing Lessons from Dan Lok;

  1. Build Unshakable Confidence. “Successful people are confident in their abilities. The two biggest enemies to success are; first, self-doubt and 2nd fear of the unknown. Most people struggle with self-doubt. We doubt that we are not ready to succeed. We don’t have the ability and skills that are required for success. Confidence is nothing more than believing in yourself. Believing in yourself is nothing more than doing a thing that once you have believed that you could not do. Believing in yourself when you are not ready. Believing in yourself when no one believe in you. Everyone doubt that you cannot do it, you cannot make it, you don’t have what it needs to be successful. Then you build the unshakable confidence and believe that you can do it.”
  2. Build the Habit of Doing Uncomfortable Things. “I believe the number one habit you need to develop to be successful, it’s on a consistent, if not a daily basis, do the things that make you feel uncomfortable. It is that simply because you look at what holds most people back. What holds you back is fear, fear of the unknown, fear of failure, fear of rejection, fear of success, etc. All these things are outside their comfort zone. Human beings are a creature of habits. We tend to operate day-to-day and do the same thing again and again and again, but if you have a habit, you make a habit that you do things consistently that you don’t usually do it makes you scared. It makes you stretch your comfort zone, that’s how you gradually expand. This is the number one thing that you need. I strongly believe to be successful, develop a habit today, do something that you don’t usually do. Do something that scares you. Do something that makes you uncomfortable.”
  3. Improve Yourself. “If your business is bad and sucks, it means the business person sucks, I mean you. If you get a problem with sales, you suck in sales. If you got employees’ problems, it means you suck as a leader. Its very simple. Remember this, Your business is always a reflection of you. Nothing more.”
  4. Ready to sacrifice. “If you don’t sacrifice for your dream, then your dream becomes your sacrifice.”
  5. Chase, People Needs, and Problems. “Here’s my first tip for you. Instead of chasing money, go to the people who desperately needed you. Because Money goes to people who can add value to the marketplace. It goes to the people who know how to multiply it. So instead of chasing money, here’s what I want you to do. Chase needs that’s right. You know, to make a million dollars. You need to serve a need in the marketplace or to solve a problem in the marketplace for customers and people.  You’ve to put people first, so to make a million dollars.”
  6. Build Good Habits. “You don’t decide your future but you decide your habits and your habits decide your future. No one succeeded, and no one fails overnight. Success is nothing more than a sum of small efforts repeated day in and day out. Here are the 10 habits of highly successful people. 1. Take 100% responsibility,2. Decide what you want. 3. Believe it is possible, 4. Visualize success, 5. Act as if you feel successful person, 6. Willing to pay the price 7. Feel the fear, and then done anyway  8. Seek mentorship, 9. Have enthusiasm, 10. Commit to constant improvement (Never stop improvement).”
  7. Take Your Life responsibility. “Poor people blame others for their misfortunes, rich people we take responsibility for our failures. You see, for poor people, it’s always somebody else’s fault, it’s the economy, is the government, it’s my boss, it’s my job, it’s my city, it’s my neighbor, or it’s my friends.  It’s always somebody else. It’s never their fault. Rich people, we take responsibility. If your life stinks it’s your fault. We take responsibility for all activities. When you take responsibility for what happens’ you gain power. The power to change, the power to do something different. Remember lame people blame.”
  8. Fail Yourself Again and Again. “Successful people embrace failures. Successful people are ridiculously positive about their future. They always speak and think positively about their future. They believe in themselves. You will notice the most successful people in any field are those that fail the most. They are failed more than anybody else and that’s why nobody is like them. The difference between other people and successful people is not a lack of strength, lack of skills and talent, or knowledge. But it’s a lack of will.”
  9. Add Value First. “My business philosophy for life is, add value first before asking for anything. That’s the way I always approach my customers.”
  10. Believe in strategy, not hope. “The most dangerous word that you could use today is the word hope. I Hope, this word keeps you poor. Think about it. When I talk to entrepreneurs, what exactly is your marketing strategy? Well, Dan, my marketing strategy is through word of mouth, to referrals, which means hope. But hope is not a strategy. Most people hope that they will start the business. They hope their business will grow. They hope that they generate more income. They hope they have more free time. They will get money from the bank for investments. They always hope, but hope is not a strategy. We, successful people, don’t use hope as a strategy because when the minute you use the word hope, you are saying that you have no power, no control over the outcome. When you say I Hope, then you give away your responsibility and power. When you have no power, no control, no choice then you don’t take action and get no results and desired outcomes.”
  11. First, Make Yourself Valuable. “Before starting a business, invest in yourself. Invest in your skillset that you can deliver value and service to the marketplace in exchange for money. This dramatically changes your investment and then you can start a business.”
  12. 3 Rich People Habits. “Human beings, we creatures of habits. We are what we repeatedly do. Getting rich is not an act, but it’s a habit. So staying poor is not to happen to you but your habit. Rich people get some habits and that they stay rich and wealthy for their life. Rich people count their money. They know about their circle of money. Rich people pay themselves first. Its don’t depend on the income but they pay a fixed percentage every month their self. They never stop learning. They have the habit to grow physically, mentally, and professionally, and that’s why they grow in life.”
  13. Ideas are shit Only Action Matters. “I’ve got so many people to come to me, and they say to me, that I’ve got this great idea, for this business would you like to invest in my company and in my business. I said no. They thought the idea is everything, and it’s very funny because they’re so protective of their little idea. You have to understand ideas are not worth a lot in business, execution is everything.”
  14. Master the Skill of closing. ” As an entrepreneur, as a businessperson, the number one skill that you need is the ability to close and sales. Because companies businesses go out of business simply because of lack of revenue. Lack of customers. And how are you going to get customers if you don’t know how to close if you don’t know how to sell if you don’t how to sell your product or service, period? Most entrepreneurs fail because they spend so much time focusing on the product. Making that perfect that’s all good but unless and until you have the ability to go out, there and sell something in exchange for the money you’re not going to make money, and without money how are you going to put money into research and development to make your product better.”
  15. Don’t sell your time, but results. “Poor people are paid on time while rich people are paid based on results. We rich people are getting paid on the output and results, not the time to spend on it.”

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