Deep Fear (2022) Movie Review

Deep Fear (2022) Movie Review

If you’re a fan of horror movies, then you probably enjoy stories that take place in eerie and chilling locations. And what better place to set a horror film than the Paris catacombs?

With its thousands of skeletons, the catacombs provide the perfect backdrop for tales of spirits and creatures lurking in the shadows. One film that explores this spooky setting is “Deep Fear” (2022), which I recently had the chance to watch at Fantastic Fest.

In this movie review, we’ll delve into the suspenseful journey of the characters in the movie and discuss its strengths and weaknesses.

Unveiling the Plot of “Deep Fear”

“Deep Fear” takes place in 1991 and follows the story of Sonia, played by Sofia Lesaffre. Sonia invites her friends Max and Henry to spend some time together before Henry leaves for military service.

In an attempt to make their time memorable, Sonia seeks the help of her new friend Ramy, and together they embark on an adventure into the Paris catacombs. However, what starts as a thrilling exploration soon turns into a fight for survival as they encounter unexpected dangers lurking in the depths.

A Mix of Suspense and Disappointing Endings

As a horror enthusiast, I appreciate films that build suspense and keep me on the edge of my seat. “Deep Fear” succeeds in creating a tense atmosphere as the characters venture deeper into the catacombs.

However, despite the well-executed buildup, the movie falls short in its resolution. The ending, featuring a Nazi and his dog as the main antagonists, feels underwhelming and fails to deliver the expected impact.

Unanswered Questions and Missed Opportunities

One aspect of “Deep Fear” that left me puzzled was the introduction of Sonia’s supposed psychic abilities. In the movie, Sonia has a disturbing dream about skinheads breaking into her house, only to encounter similar individuals in the catacombs the next day.

Unfortunately, the film doesn’t explore this intriguing plot point further, leaving the audience confused about the significance of Sonia’s visions.

Additionally, “Deep Fear” introduces various characters and storylines that seem promising at first but ultimately lead nowhere. For instance, the film briefly touches upon a missing cataphile, as well as a potential romantic connection between Henry and Lamia, a fellow explorer. However, these subplots are rushed and fail to contribute meaningfully to the overall narrative.

Monsters that Fail to Impress

A crucial aspect of any horror film is the quality of its monsters. Unfortunately, “Deep Fear” falls short in this regard. Instead of formidable supernatural entities or terrifying creatures, the movie presents a skinny Nazi and his malnourished dog from World War II.

While the idea of fighting something already dead can be unsettling, the execution in the film feels lackluster. The group’s struggle against these adversaries feels unconvincing, as a simple kick to the dog’s head could have easily resolved the situation.

The Verdict: A Missed Opportunity

In conclusion, “Deep Fear” has its moments of suspense and tension, but it ultimately fails to deliver a satisfying horror experience. The movie introduces intriguing elements, such as Sonia’s psychic abilities and the Paris catacombs, but fails to explore them fully. The underwhelming ending and lackluster monsters dampen the overall impact of the film, leaving viewers disappointed.

While “Deep Fear” may appeal to fans of atmospheric horror or those interested in the Paris catacombs, it falls short of its potential. If you’re craving a truly chilling and memorable horror film, you may want to explore other options.


Is “Deep Fear” based on a true story?

No, “Deep Fear” is a fictional horror film set in the Paris catacombs. While the catacombs are a real location, the events depicted in the movie are entirely fictional.

Are there any jump scares in “Deep Fear”?

“Deep Fear” relies more on suspense and tension rather than jump scares. While there are a few startling moments, the film focuses more on creating a creepy atmosphere.

Can I watch “Deep Fear” with my family?

Due to its horror elements and some intense scenes, “Deep Fear” may not be suitable for younger audiences. It is recommended for mature viewers who enjoy horror films.