#BurgerTours: Burger Review #66: Burgers n’ Fries Forever

Photo by Andrew Hockridge

Date Visited:
February 28, 2023

Location: Downtown Toronto
BurgerTours Rating: 5.4/10

    Taste         Messiness         Price         Venue        Pluses   
Good Messy $11-$15 Fast Food Veggie, Gluten Free


Drew’s Review 

Photo by Andrew Hockridge

Hi there. Welcome to another edition to BurgerTours. My name is Andrew and I’ll be your guide as we dine in for our first time at Burgers n’ Fries Forever! 

Burgers n’ Fries Forever opened is first location in Ottawa in 2013 and opened this location in downtown Toronto in 2018. Burgers n’ Fries Forever, or BFF as it’s known as, wants to be literally just that, your best friend forever. BFF localizes it’s AAA Angus halal custom beef patties with an immense mixture of veggies and toppings to choose from. Each burger is highly crafted and customized to a customer’s satisfaction and have a good selection of menu items to choose from including halal, vegetarian, vegan, and gluten free options. 

We arrived during the evening rush on a Friday and there was a good number of people already dining inside. The feng shui was bright and modern-looking. The queue to lineup and place your order was short and in small space between the door and the counter. After a few minutes deciding, we placed out orders and went to grab a table in the dining area. Seating was limited as I feel this was peak busy time for the joint on this Friday evening, but we managed to find a table off in the far corner. 

The American/Photo by Andrew Hockridge

After about a 10 minute wait, our meals were prepped and brought directly to our table. I ordered the American, which came with caramelized onions, cheddar, pickles, ketchup & mustard served and on a brioche bun. Just after unwrapping it from the wrapper, the smash burger was small and looked messy. The first bite was meh. I felt the meat was undercooked and lacked the juiciness. The flavour was bland and the additional toppings did little to complement the beef patty. The taste of the overall burger was underwhelming. There was also way too much ketchup that it was oozing out from the buns. 

Overall, the American burger from Burgers n’ Fries Forever was the epitome of a burger I will probably not be ordering again, especially from this location. The ketchup to mustard ratio was like 90-10 and overtook the overall taste of the burger. The patty lacked the consistency, the juiciness and was undercooked. The meat was floppy and the toppings felt like they were taking away the flavor and the quality to the burger. I would like to return in the future to reverse my judgement, but until then, we will just have to settle for a mediocre review. 


Mark’s Review 

Beyond Meat Burger/Photo by Mark Avila

For most of us the acronym BFF stands for ones’ “best friend(s) forever”, but in the case of this burger tour it’s known as Burgers n’ Fries Forever! Located in Downtown Toronto, I was excited to pay a visit to this joint that gained quite the popularity over the last few years. 

The menu was decent with a fair variety of burger options to choose from, but I went ahead and opted for the Beyond Burger. This is a beyond meat patty layered with BBQ sauce, tomato, pickles, and lettuce sandwiched between two brioche buns. 

Taking the first bite… my mouth was met with a slight crisp from the beyond meat patty, which I found was seasoned fairly. A few more bites and the rest of the burger was pretty much what was described in the menu. There was nothing else exciting or something that made me go “wow, this is so good!” It was honestly like a basic beyond meat burger that I could make at home. 

I guess I had higher expectations from this joint, and sad to say I was left disappointed. Would this be my first choice if I was in the area and craving a burger? Far from it. But, would I be willing to try them again eventually?… Yes. 


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